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Team Photography

Please contact me and we can discuss the many ways I can make your photo day the best day possible.

I want to be your organization's photographer, this year and in the future.

Team & Individual 

Teams & individuals are photographed against natural backgrounds at the chosen location. Team is arranged and photographed as a group.

Parents will be given individual order forms to choose printed products including memory mates, wallets, and other printed items. Coaches will receive complementary 5x7 team photo prints (limit 2).

All children will be photographed. No child is left out due to not having an order envelope. 

Team & Individual Photography

All individual team members are photographed twice; one pose for the team photo and one pose for their individual photo. All the images are extracted from their original background and placed on a more dynamic and fully customizable digital background. Rather than a group team shot, a composite is made to combine everyone into the final team image.

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